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FlandersBio's convention - Knowledge for Growth

Euregional PACT II was Platinum Sponsor of the 6th edition of FlandersBio's convention "Knowledge for Growth" at the ICC Ghent (20 May 2010). The participants were biotech, medical technology and pharma companies, as well as academic research institutes and providers of capital, services and technologies to the life sciences community. The key activities of the convention were networking, keynote scientific lectures, science, technology and management presentations and a trade and poster exhibition. Euregional PACT II had a booth at the convention and contributed with a poster presentation and flyers. The Virtual Laboratory of Euregional PACT II and its goal and activities to bridge between universities and life science companies was well received by researchers from biotech and pharma companies and from universities.

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Euregional PACT II is sponsored financially by the European Union through the Interreg IV program of Euregion Flanders-Netherlands (IVA-VLANED-1.2).