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Resume: Eight board meeting

On Thursday January 27th, 2010, the eight board meeting of Euregional PACT II took place in Maastricht. Joke Comijn, Communication Manager at FlandersBio, gave the opening presentation. She outlined the participation of Euregional PACT II at the Knowledge for Growth on May 5th in Ghent and the Biomedica on April 7-8th in Eindhoven. She also presented a retroplanning for the second workshop and the layout of a new flyer which will contain the toolboxes of all the universities.

Two presentation about activities 2 and 3 were given by Vera Goossens “Multi-parameter cell death assays to characterize ETA-induced cell death in A431 cell” and by Niko Deckers “Analysis of furin-mediated cleavage and internalization studies of annexin A5-ETA’ and M1234anx-ETA’. Future perspectives: in vivo tumor efficacy studies”. The planning for the next two months was also discussed.

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