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Euregional PACT II

Virtual Research Laboratory

The Virtual Research Laboratory (VRL) is build and operated through a collaboration between the University partners of Euregional PACT II.

VRL is bridged with Life Science Industry through the partners BioFlanders and LifetecZONe.

Euregional PACT II coördinates, executes and manages this collaboration to establish a Euregional cross-border research&development platform for the advancement of cancer therapy. The partners have in depth commitment as if everyone belongs to a single institute. VRL occupies the middle ground between performing R&D in-house on the one hand and bridging with Life Science Industry on the other hand.

VRL operates within the Life Sciences and harbours State of the Art knowledge, expertise and infrastructure (Toolbox) of the partnering Universities in the fields of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Fermentation technology, Cell Death, Molecular Imaging, Preclinical Cancer Models, and Pathology.

The key scientific experts committed to VRL are Prof. Dr. Chris Reutelingsperger (University Maastricht), Prof. Dr. Alfons Verbruggen (University Leuven), Prof. Dr. Luc Mortelmans (University Leuven), Prof. Dr. John-Paul Bogers (University Antwerp), Prof. Dr. Peter Vandenabeele (University Ghent) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Barth (RWTH-Aachen).