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Annexin A5-Therapeutics

Annexin A5 - Therapeutics project

Annexin A5-Therapeutics is the first series of projects that has been transferred from the design table of Euregional PACT II into its Virtual Research Laboratory (VRL) where it is being executed by the University partners of Euregional PACT II.

Therapeutics which purpose it is to kill cancer cells do not distinguish in general between healthy cells and cancer cells. The consequence is that patients treated with anti-cancer Therapeutics suffer from unwanted side-effects. Above that, side-effects limit the amount of Therapeutics that can be administered to the patient and, thus, restrict therapeutic efficacy that can be achieved by a treatment.

Annexin A5 is a protein that binds preferentially to cell surfaces that
express the phospholipid phosphatidylserine (PS). PS is not present on the surface of healthy cells but it is present on the surface of cancer cells where it can function as a target for targeted drug delivery. Therefore, annexin A5 is an attractive protein to direct cell killing Therapeutics to the cancer cells. Targeted delivery of Therapeutics to cancer cells will decrease undesired side-effects and will allow maximization of anti-cancer efficacy of Therapeutics.

The annexin A5-Therapeutics project aims to generate innovative anti-cancer biologicals based on annexin A5 and to transform these into theragnostics for image-guided therapy in order to be able to adopt dosage to the biology of the individual patient and as such to personalize the anti-cancer therapy.

The workplan of VRL is:

1) to fuse the genetic informations of annexin A5 and Therapeutics,

2) to produce chimeras recombinantly,

3) to purify chimeras to homogeneity,

4) to determine cell killing mechanisms of chimeras,

5) to label chimeras with radionuclides for SPECT and PET imaging,

6) to analyze theragnostic chimeras in preclinical models of cancer, and

7) to prepare transfer of products and protocols to clinical studies.


The VRL of Euregional PACT II performs these steps and establishes optimized protocols in a concerted action of the partners who invoke their knowledge, expertise and infrastructure (toolbox) to achieve milestones as quickly as possible at the highest quality level attainable.