Euregional PACT II equipment and expertise

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Ghent University

Partner: Department for Molecular Biomedical Research (DMBR), Ghent University (UGent)


Microscopy core facilit

Fluorescence Microscopes

  1. CellM fluorescence microscope (Olympus) W060
  2. Axiophot fluorescence microscope (Zeiss) W060
  3. 2 DMIL fluorescence microscopes (Leica) w014 and w026
  4. Inverted fluorescence microscope (Fluo Frans, Olympus) w023

Confocal Microscopes:

  • TCS SP5 AOBS from Leica

Electron Microscopy Equipment

  • Jeol JEM1010 electron microscope

Light Microscopes

  • BX51 Discussion microscope (Olympus) w059
  • Axioskop2 (Zeiss) w059
  • BX60 Discussion microscope (Olympus) w058 – Microtomy
  • Olympus IMT 200 (Frans) w023

Dimensional Live cell imaging

  • A high-content screening facility will be added in 2010 for imaging multi-well plates and analyzing the data.

Flow Cytometry

Equipment is available for both analytical flow cytometry (LSRII-SORP and FacsCalibur (1-laser and 2-laser)) and cell sorting applications (Epics Altra and MoFlo)

The DMBR flow cytometry core provides equipment, expertise and training for investigators to identify and enumerate multiple (sub-)populations in heterogenous (ex vivo) cell preparations by the use of cell-specific surface markers, as well as combine this kind of analyses with quantification of intracellular proteins of interest, cell cycle analysis, or cellular viability. Furthermore, specific cell types can be (sterile) purified from heterogenous cell preparations based on surface marker expression or fluorescent reporter proteins.

Transcriptome analysis

LightCycler 480

This RT-QPCR platform is used for high-throughput analysis of mRNA expression of cell lines and primary cells/tissue

Proteome analysis

Luminex BioPlex 200

This multiplexing fluorescent microsphere-based assay platform is used for simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes (cytokines/chemokines,…) in culture supernatant or lavage fluids

Proteome analysis


This fluorescent antibody-based platform is used for identification and digital quantification of proteins after classical western blotting procedures

Transgenic mice Core Facility

The TmCF wants to provide efficient and economic access to transgenic animals and related technologies (Gene targeting in ES-cells, generation of chimeras, rederivation of mouse strains, speed cryopreservation, derivation of ES cell lines

Cell and Tissue Culture/animal house

Bioinformatics Core Facility

The bioinformatics core offers bioinformatics support for all members of the department for Molecular Biomedical Research (DMBR), including:

  • Assistance in the application of bioinformatics tools
  • The operation of a help-desk
  • The organisation of training sessions for common applications
  • The provision of an environment enabling post-docs and graduate students to pursue specific bioinformatics research

Animal House

Breeding, Exp. and BL2 facility, terminal lab

Protein Service Facility

Providing service in integrated solutions for custom recombinant protein production

BCCM Plasmid Collection


  • Recombinant plasmids
  • Host strains
  • DNA libraries


  • Public deposits
  • Safe deposits
  • Patent deposits
  • Storage of third party’s biological material
  • Distribution of biological material
  • N-glycan profiling

BCCM/LMBP is a node of the Belgian Coordinated Collections of Micro-organisms BCCM (

It aims to share the biological material in its collections, related information, as well as its experience and know-how in the field of fundamental and applied molecular biology to the benefit of its partners and clients in the academic and industrial communities.

BCCM/LMBP therefore combines scientific expertise with quality in service.

BL2 facility

In vitro and in vivo work with Type II pathogens

Radio activity facility

In vitro translation assays (35S)
Kinase assays (32P, 33P)
3H proliferation assays


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