Euregional PACT II equipment and expertise

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Applied Molecular Biology Research (AMBIOR) group

Equipment Application
Cell culture equipment Culture of cell lines
Transfection of cell lines
Lipofection & nucleofection
Cloning equipment & centrifuges Plasmid cloning
Transformation bacteria
Plasmid purification
Conventional PCR equipment Conventional PCR analysis
Roche Lightcycler 1.5. Real-time PCR analysis: qualitative and quantitative PCR and RT-PCR based on SYBR Green and Taqman technology
Syngene ChemiGenius Bio-imaging system Imaging agarose gels
Semi-quantificative analysis of PCR products
Imaging chemilumnicent western blots
Western blotting equipment Detection and quantification of proteins
Zeiss LSM 510 2 photon imaging
PerkinElmer UltraView
Image analysis systems
Fluorescent and confocal microscopy
Becton Dickinson LSR2 flowcytometer Cell death analysis
Cell cycle analysis
Phillips SEM515 and CM10 elektronmicroscopes Elektronmicroscopy
Conventional paraffin and cryomicrotomy Conventional histology and immunohistochemistry


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